We offer Non-Voice based business management solutions for companies to reduce their ‘non-core’ operation challenges, costs and help them progress in their core industry. Our solutions are focused on customers, sales, employees and back-end office management enabled by cutting-edge technologies. Our suite of Non-Voice Solution includes:

  1. Data Processing – Forms, Insurance Claim, Information, Transaction, Resume Processing Services
  2. Data Entry – Image, Book, Receipt or bill, Directory, Remote Data Entry and other Data Entry Services.
  3. Data Conversion – Word, PDF, HTML, XML,  XHTML, Text, Catalogue and other Conversion Services
  4. Market Research – Internet Market Research
  5. Marketing – Online, Social Media and Email Marketing
  6. Writing & Editing – Content Writing, Editing & Proof Reading
  7. Email and Chat Answering/ Support – Customer Service, Product and Service Information, Billing and Warranty Enquiries and other Services.